Bioinformatics with focus on RNA metabolism

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<p>Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Berne University</p>
Berne (Suisse)

Marc-David Ruepp
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The laboratory of Prof. Mühlemann (Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
investigates post-transcriptional gene regulation in mammalian cells. One line
of research tries to decipher the molecular mechanism and the biological and
medical implications of mutations in the RNA-binding protein Fused in
Sarcoma (FUS) in the context of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). A
second focus is on elucidating the molecular mechanism of nonsensemediated
mRNA decay (NMD), an important mRNA quality control process
that recognizes and degrades mRNPs that fail to properly terminate
With increasing large and complex data sets from deep sequencing (RNAseq,
ChIP-seq, small RNA sequencing, CLIP, etc.), there is a need for
developing suitable computational tools and implementation of customized
data analysis pipelines. Under co-supervision of Dr. Rémy Bruggmann (Dept.
of Biology and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics), we offer a PhD position for
an outstanding student interested in taking on this challenging task.

We seek a bright and highly motivated scientist with a master degree in
bioinformatics or biology/biochemistry, good knowledge in bioinformatic
analyses of sequence data and knowlegde of at least one scientific
programming language. You must be a good team player, eager to learn and
proficient in English. Please submit your application until December 1st 2012
electronically to <>, and include in a single pdf file:
1. Coverletter
2. Curriculum vitae
3. Copies of academic degree certificates with certified translations
unless in English, German, French, Italian.
4. Copies of master project thesis (or parts thereof), publications
5. Coordinates of 3 persons for references.

We offer Scientifically thriving atmosphere in young and enthusiastic research groups,
internationally competitive research projects, state-of-the art facilities. The
position is for 3 years, salary according to Swiss National Science Foundation
Workload Fulltime
Starting date February 2013, or upon mutual agreement

Other information
The successful applicant will be enrolled in the interfacultary Graduate School
for Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (GCB) to pursue her/his thesis. This
includes taking courses at postgraduate level and the possibility to participate
in national and international conferences.