Data analysis for ependymal cells development

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<p>46 Rue D&#39;ulm</p><p>75005, Paris, France.</p>

Nathalie Spassky
Auguste Genovesio
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Postdoc/Research Engineer Position Available at

Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France

Data analysis for ependymal cells development

The Spassky lab and the Computational Biology & Bioinformatic Platform at Ecole Normale Superieure, Institute of Biology, Paris, France are jointly seeking for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher or research engineer in data analysis.

The overall goal of this interdisciplinary project is to reconstruct the chain of morphological and molecular events leading to the differentiation process of neural stem cells into ependymal cells. The work will mainly consist in analyzing image and large dataset of single cell measurements, but will also require an ability to perform functional analysis of differential expression profiles (although a previous experience working with the last is not required).

The candidate should hold a PhD degree in computer science and have a good background in data analysis (although candidate with a master degree showing promising ability will definitely be interviewed and should not hesitate to apply). A previous experience in a collaborative environment such as a research Institute in Biology would be considered a plus. The candidate should also have a good background in applied mathematics/statistics, a good English level and a perfect knowledge of a programming language such as Python, Java or R.

The contract is 3 years from October 2014. Net monthly salary is between 2000 and 2400 euros, depending on previous experience, including health coverage. The call will close on June 30, 2014. Future candidates will be selected and notified for an interview between July 1st and 15th, 2014.

Applicants should send a CV, a motivation letter and contact details of 2 references to

Nathalie Spassky,, Tel : 33 1 44 32 23 27

Auguste Genovesio,, Tel : 33 1 44 32 23 54


Recent selected references:

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