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<p>26 rue d&#39;Ulm</p><p>75005 Paris</p>

Vallot Céline
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<p><strong><u>Required expertise:</u></strong> R, Python, Bash, Linux environment</p><p><strong>A 1-year</strong> Research engineer (IR) (or assistant IE, according to the applicant&rsquo;s CV) position is available in the DEpiC group at UMR3244 within the Institut Curie. The candidate will work on multi-omics datasets (RNAseq, ChIPseq, single cell datasets) starting from raw datasets to perform bioinformatics analyses (alignment, quantification, QC) on the computing cluster of Institut Curie and further analyze datasets using and optimizing R scripts from the DEpiC group, as well as developing novel algorithms. In particular, we develop cutting-edge single-cell technologies to produce epigenomics single-cell data sets. We study different model systems: breast tumor samples, PDX (patient-derived xenografts) and cell lines, where we characterize the dynamics of acquisition of epigenetic alterations in breast cancers, <em>in vitro</em> and <em>in vivo</em>.</p><p>Successful applicants must have experimental expertise in high-throughput sequencing computational analyses with capacity to develop scripts in shell, R &amp; Python.</p><p>We are looking for highly motivated, dynamic, science-driven candidates with an excellent master 2.</p><p>The successful candidate will work within the DEpiC group (headed by Céline Vallot), a group constituted of wet-lab biologists as well as data analysts. The group develops different omics approaches to study the dynamic of chromatin states in breast cancer (in population and at single-cell resolution). Institut Curie offers state-of the-art core facilities and platforms in a highly dynamic and international environment.</p><p><strong><u>To apply, please send</u></strong>:</p><p>-curriculum vitae</p><p>-cover letter outlining your motivation</p><p>-names/contact information of two references.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><div><p><strong><u>Contact</u></strong>:</p><p>Céline Vallot</p><p>Institut Curie - UMR3244</p><p>26 rue d&rsquo;Ulm</p><p>75000 Paris cedex 05, France</p><p>Email :</p><p>Team:</p></div><p>&nbsp;</p><…;
Laboratoire: DEpiC group - UMR3244