New computational methods for P. falciparum

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<p>&quot;Method and Algorithm for Bioinformatic&quot; group at LIRMM (<a class="fixed" href="" target="_blank"></a>)</p>

Laurent Bréhélin
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A Post-doctoral position is available for 12 months in the "Method and
Algorithm for Bioinformatic" group ( to join
the PlasmoExpress project. This project is a collaboration between the
bioinformatic team of the LIRMM (Montpellier) and three biology
laboratories, and is funded by the french National Research Agency.

Plasmodium falciparum is the pathogenic agent responsible for malaria,
which threaten half a billion humans worldwide with a yearly death
toll of 1 to 2 million people. Its genome has been published in 2002
but remains poorly understood, mainly because of its high evolutionary
distance from classical model organisms.

The PlasmoExpress project aims at developing new computational methods
to decipher the mechanisms of gene expression regulation in
P.falciparum.  Three tasks compose the core of the project: 1)
Searching for new transcription factors into the P.falciparum
proteome; 2) Investigating to what extent chromatin modification and
post-transcriptional processes control steady-state mRNA; 3)
Characterizing the transcriptomic response of P.falciparum to known
drugs. From a computational perspective, this involves the development
of new approaches for homology detection, high-throughput data
modeling, and feature selection.

The candidate should have a PhD in bioinformatics, with special
interest in statistical machine learning, algorithmics, and (or) gene
expression regulation. Please submit a summary of research interests,
CV, reprints of the main publications, and reference contacts.