PI and postdoctoral positions at the new data science lab at the NCI (National Cancer Institute), Bethesda

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<p>PI and postdoctoral positions at the new data science lab at the NCI</p><p>Dear friends and colleagues,</p><p>Towards the end of January I will be moving to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to set up a new lab, titled the Cancer Data Science lab (CDSL).</p><p>In brief, the CDSL will aim to develop and harness computational approaches to address fundamental research questions in cancer, working in a collaborative manner with experimental NCI labs.</p><p>Our plan is to hire a few PIs and grow considerably in the next few years, to create a computational critical mass in the NCI. The CDSL will be located in the NIH Bethesda campus, which houses the NIH medical center, where many clinical trials are carried out. The NCI&rsquo;s Center for Cancer Research is home to about 250 PIs, organized in about 40 or so experimental or clinical labs/branches.</p><p>The new CDSL lab will offer many collaboration opportunities with these labs in a leading national cancer research center in a time where those are much needed.</p><p>If you happen to know of suitable people that may be interested in exploring this opportunity further, at either the postdoc, research scientist or PI levels, I would be very grateful if you could please kindly forward them this email.</p><p>Of course, interested peopleare most welcome to contact me directly at eyruppin@gmail.com to discuss and learn more firsthand. Many thanks and very best wishes, Eytan Ruppin</p><br/>
Laboratoire: Cancer Data Science lab (CDSL)