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<div><span style="color:#000000"><strong>IPMC UMR7275<br />660 Route des Lucioles<br />SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS<br />06560 VALBONNE</strong></span></div>

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<p><strong>Production Bioinformatics Engineer - Core Facility</strong></p><p>IPMC (Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire) is a center of excellence in biology funded by CNRS and the University of Nice. Its 250 scientists, students and support staff work on the identification of key molecular and cellular mechanisms that contribute to multiple human diseases (<a href=""></a&gt;). IPMC recruits the best professionals for its core facilities in genomics, bioinformatics, flow cytometry, and cellular imaging. With a strong expertise, the support teams of these different facilities are instrumental for the cutting edges researches performed at IPMC, driven by the dynamic culture and innovation spirit of Sophia-Antipolis.</p><p><strong>The Opportunity</strong></p><p>Located at IPMC, UCAGenomiX (<a href=""></a&gt;) is the functional genomics platform of Université Côte d&rsquo;Azur. The platform is one of the core nodes of &ldquo;France Génomique&rdquo;, the French infrastructure for next generation sequencing (<a href=""></a&gt;). UCAGenomiX drives actively the development in single cell sequencing approaches within the infrastructure. UCAGenomiX works in close relationship with P. Barbry&rsquo;s team, one of the 38 pilot projects of the Human Cell Atlas funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation (<a href="; target="_blank"></a&gt;).</p><p>We are actively seeking a talented and motivated bioinformatician who will participate to the development, implementation and support of software and computational pipelines, with the mission to translate raw genomics data into meaningful observations to biologists. His/her role will be focused on supporting robust and production scale pipelines that are run by the platform. The activity of the engineer will be centered mainly on the bulk and single cell transcriptomic studies of our collaborators.</p><p>The hired bioinformatics software engineer will have a strong background in computer science, next-generation sequencing data analysis and a passion for learning about genomics. Bioinformaticians and Software Engineers are welcome to apply for this 1-year position with possibility of extension.</p><p><strong>Key responsibilities</strong></p><ul><li>Develop, implement and maintain automated high-throughput sequencing bioinformatics pipelines.</li><li>Provide bioinformatics support, assist collaborators in data analysis and check the validity of experimental results.</li><li>Improve continuously the standards of the platform by implementing cutting edge tools, running them into production, and supporting the development of new NGS based services.</li><li>Ensure the platform is adopting global best practices</li></ul><p><strong>About You</strong></p><p>You will have the following key skills and attributes:</p><ul><li>MSc or higher degree in Bioinformatics, Computer Science or related fields</li><li>Experience with analysis of next-generation sequencing data</li><li>Experience with Linux command line environment</li><li>Experience in data analysis using R/Bioconductor</li><li>Excellent problem solving abilities and strong attention to details</li><li>Ability to work independently</li><li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and/or in French</li></ul><p><strong>How to Apply</strong></p><p>All applications must be e-mailed to Kevin Lebrigand (<a href=""></a&gt;).</p><p>Your application should include:&nbsp;</p><ul><li>A cover letter</li><li>Your resume including at least 2 referees that will be contacted independently</li><li>Copies of relevant qualifications / academic transcripts</li></ul><p><strong>Closing Date </strong></p><p>As we are reviewing applications as they are received, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><br/>
Laboratoire: UCAGenomiX