• 19/03/2018 - 23/03/2018
    Open to a wide range of students, postdoctoral fellows and seasoned researchers, this cross-disciplinary Thematic Research School on the Advances in Systems and Synthetic Biology covers five main topics this year: RNA and biochemical circuits engineering Formal methods, dynamical systems Control theory - networks Yeast modeling Synthetic genomics & non-canonical biochemistry
  • 20/03/2018 - 23/03/2018
    Cette formation comprend 50% de cours et 50% de travaux pratiques. Les notions qui seront abordées comprennent : - Alignements de séquences et recherche de similarités. - Modèles d'évolution. - Reconstructions phylogénétiques au moyen des méthodes suivantes : * Maximum de parcimonie. * Distances (minimum d'évolution, neighbor-joining). * Maximum de vraisemblance. * Inférence bayésienne. - Tests (bootstrap, tests de vraisemblance, comparaison de topologies).
  • 24/06/2018 - 30/06/2018
    This school is designed in priority for biologists and bio-informaticians (completing a PhD degree or currently post-doctoral fellows, as well as researchers), who wish to learn the bases of network analyses. The main notions (regarding various types of networks, the relevance of their analyses, and some bases in graph theory) will be introduced by short theoretical classes, followed by practical case-studies, introducing the basics in programming required to run such network analyses as well as to use the existing software/tools. Our goal is that, by the end of this summer school, all applicants will be qualified to perform network analyses of their own datasets.