Tangible interface for molecular modeling

Informations générales
Détails de la thèse/HDR
Rachid Gherbi
Richard Lavery
Marc Baaden
Patrick Bourdot
Germain Trugnan
Directeur (pour les thèses)
Catherine Etchebest
Arthur Olson
Résumé en français
The evolving technology of computer auto-fabrication makes it possible to produce physical models for complex biological molecules and assemblies. Augmented reality has recently developed as a computer interface technology that enables the mixing of real world objects and computer generated graphics. We report an application that demonstrates the use of auto-fabricated tangible models and augmented reality for research and communication in molecular biology. We have extended our molecular modeling environment, PMV, to support the fabrication of a wide variety of physical molecular models, and to adapt an augmented reality system that allows virtual 3-D representations to be overlaid onto the tangible molecular models. Users can easily change the overlaid information, switching between different representations of the molecule, displays of molecular properties, or dynamic information. The physical models provide a powerful intuitive interface for manipulating the computer models, streamlining the interface between human intent, the physical model, and the computational activity.