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32-34 Ave Tony Garnier
69007 Lyon

Kiran Padmanabhan
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We are looking for a bioinformatician/computational biologist capable of working on a transverse level with 3 teams at the IGFL, ENS Lyon. Good knowledge and experience in NGS analysis (programming and scripting) as well as a solid background in statistics are mandatory. Candidate should be able to i) develop bio-informatic pipelines for collecting and treating publically available data, ii) treat the experimental data generated by the teams (RNAseq, ChIPSeq, X-Seq) from different types of model organisms, iii) train members of the respectve teams and iv) integrate into the computational biology user network being developed at the ENS Lyon (between the institutes LBMC, RDP and IGFL). Ability to communicate in an interdisciplinary research group in English will be a great plus.