Post-doctoral position in plant epigenetics. Epigenetics in slow motion: analyzing and modeling the transgenerational progressivity of DNA methylation

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46 rue d'Ulm
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Vincent Colot
Vincent Hakim
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Post-doctoral position in plant epigenetics
Epigenetics in slow motion: analyzing and modeling the transgenerational progressivity of DNA methylation

Applications are invited for a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship as part of a collaborative project between the groups of Vincent Colot and Vincent Hakim at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. ENS is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

The project is funded by the Q-Life Institut Convergences of Université PSL (

Project description: The transmission of epigenetic information across generations has fascinated scientists for decades, yet little is known about how this occurs. The flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana provides a model of choice to investigate this phenomenon and the Colot group (Institut de Biologie de l’ENS, IBENS, has shown using this species that experimentally-induced loss of cytosine methylation at repeat sequences results in re-acquisition of wild type methylation levels gradually over several sexual reproduction cycles. The precise mechanisms, as well as the developmental and molecular factors at play in this progressive, transgenerational process remain to be elucidated, although genetic analysis indicated that it depends on the RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) pathway, which is most active in the reproductive organs and seeds. The Colot group, together with Vincent Hakim (Laboratoire de Physique Statistique de l’ENS, LPSENS) has recently begun to explore this process through a combination of whole genome DNA methylation analyses and mathematical modelling. The goal of the project is to analyze several sets of novel single cytosine resolution methylome data and use to develop a quantitative understanding of transgenerational progressivity of DNA remethylation, based in part on the development of novel mathematical models. This project is expected to provide new and quantitative insights into the mechanisms of transgenerational epigenetics.
The successful candidate will work at ENS Paris under the joint supervision of Vincent Colot and Vincent Hakim. We are seeking a highly motivated and independent individual with a strong interest in interdisciplinary projects at the interface between biology and physics/mathematics. The candidate is expected to be at ease with the manipulation of standard bioinformatics tools and to have a working knowledge of standard mathematics. Some previous knowledge of genetics and epigenetics would also be preferred but it is not required.
In order to apply, a short motivation letter and a CV have to be sent to: and Two recommendation letters should also be arranged to be directly sent at these two email addresses. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.