Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

How Genomes Illuminate Our Understanding of Ecological and Evolutionary Processes

Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics

Gordon Research Conference

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Genomics tools have never been so powerful and accessible to biologists interested in how the interplay between ecological and evolutionary forces is shaping biodiversity. The 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics will explore how the genome-scale processes that underpin organismal phenotypes interact with ecological and evolutionary processes over multiple spatiotemporal scales. The meeting will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), which will provide opportunities for early career researchers (students and postdocs) to present their projects and will include a special mentorship session.

Topics highlighted at the meeting will include: the ecological and evolutionary significance of novel genes and variation in genome architecture, including genomic conflicts; the role of hybridization and introgression as drivers of diversity; genome-scale perspectives on the role of the microbiome in host adaptations; and the increasing contribution of genomics to explanations of ecosystem function. This meeting will also bring the latest technological developments in genomics and genome manipulation, emphasizing their application to non-model species. Join us to participate in creative discussions in an inclusive social and scientific atmosphere, to empower the future research in the field.

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Manchester, NH,

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