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615 Westlake Ave N
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Hamid Bolouri
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Allen Institute for Immunology is seeking outstanding bioinformatics/biostatistics analysts and research scientists with expertise in single-cell transcriptomic/epigenomics, high-dimensional mass/flow cytometry, and multi-platform data integration methods.

The Allen Institute for Immunology was started in Dec 2018 with the aim of understanding the dynamic balancing act of the human immune system, how it senses friend from foe, what goes wrong in illness, and how we can best harness its power to treat cancer. To accelerate our impact, we are partnering with multiple established, leading research organizations who have clinical expertise essential to our success. Our partner research organizations will work with local healthy and patient volunteers to establish groups of research participants. Blood and tissue samples from participants will be characterized at the single cell level using scRNA-seq, scEpigenomics (e.g. scATAC-seq), high dimensional flow-cytometry, etc. Initial cohorts will include healthy individuals as well as patients with rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer.

We are seeking both Analysts who will perform large-scale data processing and analysis, and Research Scientists who will develop new bioinformatic/ statistical methods and tools, and carry out ad-hoc data analysis for discovery. Analysts are expected to have a Masters-level education or equivalent with 2-3 years of relevant post-graduation experience. Research Scientists should have a PhD or equivalent and 2-3 years post-graduation experience.

For details of individual job descriptions please see:

The Allen Institute offers exceptional working conditions, and nurtures diversity and team-science in an intellectually rich and stimulating setting. Applications should be submitted through the Allen Institute web careers web portal. Questions about the positions can be addressed to