2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019)

The 2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019) will be held 1-8 July in Freiburg, Germany. GCC brings together hundreds of faculty, clinicians, researchers, and students, all working in and supporting data intensive science that is accessible, sharable and reproducible.

GCC2019 features oral presentations, lightning talks, posters, demos, birds-of-a-feather gatherings (BoFs), training, a CollaborationFest, and plenty of opportunities for networking.

Presentations will cover the full spectrum of Galaxy applications, enhancements and deployments. If you are working in data intensive science then GCC2019 is an ideal conference for sharing your work, learning from others, and finding new collaborators.


About Galaxy

Galaxy (https://galaxyproject.org/) is a platform for data integration and analysis in the life sciences. It enables researchers to build, run, share, and repeat their own complex computational analyses using only a web browser and without having to first learn system administration and command line interfaces.

The Galaxy Project is driven by a vibrant community who publish workflows and analyses, wrap new tools, maintain and enhance the source code, provide support, and write documentation and training materials. Galaxy is open-source and freely available, and is deployed in hundreds of organizations, running on everything from laptops through supercomputers to public and private clouds. Over 150 of these platforms are publicly available and can be used with little or no setup.  Thousands of tools have been ported to Galaxy ("wrapped") and are deployable from the Galaxy Tool Shed. Galaxy was developed to support life science research, but the software is domain agnostic and is now used in domains as diverse as natural language processing, constructive solid geometry, and social science.

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