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Institut de Myologie GH Pitie Salpetriere Batiment Babinski
47 bd Vincent Auriol
75013 PARIS

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L’Association Institut de Myologie recrute un/e Bioinformaticien/ne en CDI.

Poste à temps plein à pourvoir au 1er juin 2019.

Rattaché au Centre de recherche en Myologie, le/la bioinformaticien/ne assure la gestion et l’analyse de données « omics » dans un environnement multidisciplinaire.

Created in January 2014 on the site of La Pitié-Salpétrière University Hospital, the Centre for Research in Myology directed by Prof. B. Fontaine is a center of excellence for multidisciplinary research on the muscle and its pathologies. It gathers over one hundred persons including researchers, doctors, engineers, technicians and students from INSERM, Sorbonne Université, CNRS and Association Institut de Myologie.

The bioinformatician will provide support to the Center for Research in Myology in the area of data management and processing of “omics” analyses in a multidisciplinary environment.
The candidate must have knowledge in molecular biology and possess good presentation and communication skills. Strong bioinformatic, statistical and biology knowledge would be an asset but more generally, biologists with a strong background in bioinformatics or bioinformaticians with a strong background in biology are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have first experience in omic data analysis (RNA-seq in particular) and have strong programming skills, especially in R's. They should also be interested in developing new methodologies. Candidates must be motivated by biological issues and flexible in order to interact with different team members. Leadership and autonomy are encouraged. Good interpersonal and communication skills are essential in order to transmit and share knowledge in an environment essentially composed of biologists.

Main mission
The candidate will use bioinformatics technology (sequence analysis, gene and protein expression) to analyze and integrate omic datasets. He/she will work in close collaboration with biologists as well as with high-throughput genomic facilities:
- experimental design of omics analyses (gene, exon, transcripts..)
- implementation/validation of existing packages
- data analysis
- development of novel packages
- technical watch
- training
- communication (reporting, publications, presentation)

- Bioinformatics tools to analyze omics data,
- Classical omics-data format (fastq, bam, etc),
- Good understanding of biological concepts.
- Programming skills in R, Python and Perl
- Knowledge in statistics
- Project management, including dedicated tools,
- Good communication skills in French and English

- MSc/PhD in bioinformatics with experience in biology or MSc/PhD in biology with experience in bioinformatics
- Significant previous experience, at least 3 years

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