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15 rue de Milan
75009 Paris

Florian Andrianiazy
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Epigene Labs is a newly formed startup at the intersection of data science, genomics, and drug discovery in oncology. We are building a technology platform for the aggregation, analysis, and visualization of multi-omic data: a major challenge for cancer drug hunters. This platform relies on semantic technologies and machine learning algorithms for metadata standardization, and on biostatistics, bioinformatics, and system biology methods for multi-omic data analysis. We operate within an innovative, value-based business model promoting incentive alignment between cancer scientists and data scientists for the discovery of novel precision oncology approaches. Towards this goal, we are seeking a talented computational biologist/senior computational biologist eager to leverage his/her skills in our fight against cancer. This role will report directly to Epigene Labs’ co-founder in charge of building the R&D team. The team is located at the Schoolab, an innovation studio downtown Paris (France), and benefits from the advisory of world-class cancer scientists and data scientists, as well as seasoned tech and biotech entrepreneurs and investors.

Key Responsibilities
Design, prototype, and implement methods for integrative analysis of cancer transcriptomic data, as well as other high-throughput molecular data types
Apply statistical-, system biology-, and machine learning-based approaches to establish and benchmark predictive models based on biological, clinical, and drug response data
Collaborate with data science and software engineering teams on the development of data analysis pipelines for the discovery of innovative therapeutic and diagnostic targets in oncology and immuno-oncology
Collaborate with partnering biology and medical teams at world leading cancer centers and high-profile biotech companies
Document, summarize, and present results in various settings, including management meetings and, on occasion, scientific conferences (domestically and internationally)

Minimum Requirements
MS or PhD in computational biology, bioinformatics, biology, data science, or related technical fields
At least 3 years of experience on building predictive models based on transcriptomic data (RNA sequencing, microarray platforms); academic and/or industry experience will be considered
Ability to implement and benchmark computational methods from the fields of biostatistics, bioinformatics, and system biology
Proficiency in R/Python programming for data analysis
Outstanding interpersonal and English communication skills
A team player with the ability to also work autonomously, and who has a lifelong learning mindset

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