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1 avenue Bourgelat
69280 Marcy l'Étoile

Virginie Lattard
Sophie Rahuel-Clermont
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Position description – A 2-year post-doctoral research position (with a possible extension of
1 year), is available in the group of V. Lattard “Resistance to vitamin K antagonists” at the
RS2GP Laboratory, in VetAgro Sup, Lyon, France. Our research focuses on the molecular
mechanisms that underly resistance to vitamin K antagonists used in human medicine as
antithrombotic drugs or in rodents as rodenticides. Vitamin K antagonists inhibits specifically
the Vitamin K epoxide reductase (VKORC1) enzyme involved in the vitamin K cycle. Numerous
mutations of these enzymes located in the ER membrane, have been described in humans and
rodents. To be active, this enzyme must be reduced by a protein partner belonging to the
Protein Disulfide isomerase family. The successful candidate will pursue the exploration of the
VKORC1 enzyme at the level of the catalytic site and the interaction site with the protein
partner(s) using protein engineering, biochemistry, enzymatic, kinetics-based methods,
biophysical tools and 3D-modelling for protein interaction studies to develop new, specific
and ecofriendly inhibitors.

For further information – see Hodroge et al, 2011, 2012; Chatron et al, 2017, 2019; Rishavy
et al, 2011

Keywords – Vitamin K epoxide reductase, Protein Disulfide isomerase, kinetics, interactions,
protein engineering, enzymology

Scientific environment –The USC1233-RS2GP laboratory is a joint research unit between INRA
and VetAgro Sup-Veterinary campus, located 10 kilometers from the center of Lyon, a
dynamic, attractive, student city, 2 hours south of Paris. The lab is located on the Veterinary
campus of Marcy l’étoile. The “Resistance to vitamin K antagonists” team has a long-standing
expertise in the study of VKOR enzymes. The candidate will also work closely with the group
of S. Rahuel-Clermont, Molecular and Structural Enzymology team at the Laboratory IMOPA
(in Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France) specialized in thiol redox enzymology, that hosts the
Biophysics and Structural biology platform (…).

Applicant profile – We are seeking a highly-motivated candidate with strong experience in
protein engineering and biochemistry and strong expertise in membrane protein purification.
Experience in cell biology, kinetic and/or biophysical techniques would be appreciated.

Contact – Candidates should send a cover letter describing their research interests, a CV
including a list of publications and the names/emails of two (or three) references to and to

Informal enquiries (via email) are welcome.

Deadline for Application – June 20 th 2019

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