Notation and ranking of subgraphs extracted from biological knowledge graphs

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Marie-Dominique Devignes
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The post-doctoral project concerns the analysis of complex interaction networks. The main ressource at our disposal is a huge heterogeneous graph database (provided by EdgeLeap for the FIGHT-HF program) that represents various types of interactions between various groups of elements : proteins, diseases, drugs, etc. One objective of the FIGHT-HF project is to exploit this ressource to identify new biomarkers characteristics of certain heart-failure mechanisms.
The queries on the main graph database most often return subgraphs such as the shortest paths between proteins or drugs of interest and a disease. In order to avoid manual inspection of all these subgraphs, some graph scoring should be defined in order to rank the subgraphs according to given points of view and to analyze first the most relevant ones. The graph scoring method should combine graph topological properties and any other properties attached as attributes to the graph nodes and edges, these latter properties being expressed in controlled vocabularies or ontologies.
Several graph scoring methods will be defined with the help of bioinformaticians, biostatisticiens et FIGHT-HF clinicians. The post-doctoral scientist will develop score calculation, and design and run evaluation studies, based for instance on already known biomarkers.

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