MitoIntegrOMICS: an integrated multi-OMICS approach to increase the diagnostic power for mitochondrial diseases.

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Silvia Bottini
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MitoIntegrOMICS: an integrated multi-OMICS approach to increase the diagnostic power for mitochondrial diseases.

PhD subject:

Mitochondrial diseases (MD) are rare disorders caused by deficiency of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, which provides energy in each cell. MD are caused by alterations (variants) on genes involved in mitochondrial functions. The diagnosis of MD is based on the identification of the disease responsible gene(s), that will allow to be able to offer genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis, to consider therapeutic approaches and to improve the care of patients. Nowadays, technologies currently used for detecting causal variants is far from complete, ranging from 25 to 50%.

To address these needs our research teams propose to gather three different domains: medical, bioinformatic and machine learning, in order to set up an integrated multi-omics approach to identify novel causal variants. We foresee that this project will contribute to set up new diagnostic tools to reduce the number of patients with a diagnostic stalemate. This study will settle the milestones to transfer the conjoint use of multi-omics technologies from research fields to diagnostic environment. The project is mainly composed by three steps, specifically the candidate will: 1) perform bioinformatic analysis of multi-omics data; 2) develop a deep-learning multi-integromics approach; 3) implement a new variants prioritization AI algorithm. This project will allow to develop novel algorithms that will found application not only in MD diagnostic, but also in other genetic disorders and cancer, to allow the development of personalized medicine to ameliorate patients healthcare. We foresee that this project will provide a product easily transferable to non-academic field and easily employed in medical environment and several industrial sectors. Importantly, the fellow will gain outstanding competences in data science, an exponentially growing field in high demand in any field within and outside academia. In support of that, the intervention of the company “MyDataModels” in the current project will facilitate and enhance the integration of the fellows into non academic environment.

BoostUrCAreer project aims at implementing at Université Côte d’Azur and with the support from the European Commission and the Conseil Region Sud-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur a multidisciplinary doctoral programme in e-health.
This programme wishes to attract to the French Riviera 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) with the world highest academic, creative and innovative potentials and enhance their employability. The proposed programme will foster interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international experiences with the objective of contributing to creating a new generation of PhDs equipped for both academic and non-academic careers in e-health and inclined to the great research and innovation challenges of tomorrow. In line with the strategy of excellence, interdisciplinary and innovation pursued by Université Côte d'Azur, every doctoral project will have to associate two laboratories of the University and a foreign academic partner. BoostUrCAreer will thus provide a diversified education combining the most fundamental aspects of research with the practice of transfer toward the socio-economic world. This dual expertise represents a real added value for career development and is acquired thanks to specific trainings on practical and transferable skills and a six-month mobility abroad at an international research laboratory. In addition, a close follow-up by two academic supervisors in fundamental laboratories as well as by an academic tutor and a local non-academic mentor will ensure the quality of doctoral theses and further facilitate the ESRs’ integration to the workforce.

To this end, Université Côte d'Azur will launch 2 international call for proposal campaigns: the first one in May 2019 and the second one in January 2020 to attract high potential applicants. Prior to the launch of the call for proposal campaigns, a internal call for PhD topics was launched among the researchers working for Université Côte d'Azur or one of its members. After a rigourous selection, the University has selected 30 PhD topics from which the applicants will have to choose from (see list below). Once recruited, the ESRs will have 42 months to complete their PhD including the six-month mobility abroad.

*** APPLICATIONS ARE OPENED FROM JUNE 12th 2019 until AUGUST 12th, 2019!!!!! ***
To apply follow the instructions:

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