Integrating timescales in protein evolution from distant species to populations

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4, Allée Konrad Roentgen
67000 Strasbourg

Joseph Schacherer
Anne Friedrich
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A 3-year CNRS-funded PhD is available in our lab, to start in September 2019.
Our lab aim at better understanding genotype-phenotype relationships and our work mainly rely on the dissection of the intraspecific variability within species, using yeast as model organism (
In the context of this PhD project, we propose to integrate analyses of sequence variability across timescales (from intraspecific to highly divergent species) in order to efficiently tackle the mechanisms shaping protein long-term evolution (see… for more details).
We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with a bioinformatic background (NGS data handling would be a plus) and a strong interest in genetics, genomics and evolution. This thesis will take place at the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Microbiology (GMGM, UMR7156, Strasbourg). It is part of a CNRS-Weizmann Institute of Science collaboration between the teams of Joseph Schacherer (University of Strasbourg / CNRS) and Emmanuel Levy (Weizmann Institute of Science).
Please feel free to contact us (, for any additional information.

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