Chemist for Agrochemical Molecules Design (m/w)

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14 rue P. Baizet
69009 LYON

Catherine SIRVEN
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Bayer is seeking a skilled chemist for agrochemical molecules design.
The research center environment in Lyon is attractive, innovative and with multiple possibilities for international evolution.
We are already a good team of about 10 computatiobnal Life Scientists (Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Modeling, IT or research project leads).
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Your tasks and responsibilities

Work as an enthusiastic researcher in a dynamic and scientifically exciting global network covering agro and pharma bridging chemical research and data science
Drive a digital way of working in chemistry by integrating new digital technologies like Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Chemo-Informatics, Molecular Modeling for the data-driven hit generation, hit identification and structural optimization of modern plant protection active ingredients
Design and synthesize innovative plant protection active ingredients with internal or external chemistry labs in close collaboration with Data Science
Be a role model for hypothesis-driven molecule design and support your colleagues to actively embrace digital technologies
Flexibly manage a team of internal and/or external chemists
Contribute to the motivation and the development of our staff with a strong feedback culture
Ensure high safety standards and compliant action, always taking into account laws, regulations and directives including assessment and evaluation of potential risks

Who you are

You have an international scientific education in Organic Chemistry (PhD level).
You built your background on a foregoing industrial or a postdoctoral experience, some of this in close collaboration with Data Science.
You have a thorough understanding of how modern tools in Data Science (Deep Learning, Machine Learning,...) can be applied to different aspects in chemical research (e.g. synthesis, hit finding, hit optimization, …).
You have good communication and interpersonal skills as well as intercultural knowledge and understanding.
You are able to solve problems and structure complex tasks, inspire and motivate colleagues and challenge the status quo and embrace change.
You are passionate about work in multidisciplinary teams.
Fluency in English is required, basic knowledge in French and/or German are appreciated

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