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28 Rue Laennec
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Franck Tirode
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We offer an 18-months position for an Engineer in the field of bioinformatics applied to Next Generation Sequencing. The project aims at identifying the molecular alterations and defining the precise tumour subtype of a large series of “still unclassified” sarcomas using multidimensional and integrative data analysis approaches. The successful candidate will mine WTS, WES and methylome data to identify known and novel oncogenic alterations as well as to achieve robust classification. Results from these analyses will be coupled to clinical and pathological information, to identify specific patterns correlated with clinical information (status, relapse or metastasis). The candidate will also participate to the other projects of the group, especially involving ChiP-seq and single cell bioinformatics analyses.
Applicants should have at least a master’s degree in bioinformatics, with prior experience in Next Generation Sequencing analyses. A good knowledge in statistics and in programming (bash, R, perl, C or python) is mandatory. Experience in machine learning techniques is required and knowledge in cancer biology and genetics would be an advantage but is not mandatory. Good communication skills in English are also required.
The environment:
The “Biology of Rare Sarcomas” group aims at identifying and investigating new alterations in sarcomas to unravel new oncogenic mechanisms. We are affiliated to the Cancer Research Centre of Lyon (CRCL – INSERM U1052 / CNRS 5286) and to the Centre Léon Bérard’s Department of Translational Research and Innovation. The CRCL is amongst the most prestigious cancer research center in France and the CLB is a major reference cancer center, especially for sarcomas. Our group is therefore composed of both researchers, clinicians and pathologists. The successful applicant will also strongly interact with the "Gilles Thomas" bioinformatics facility (Dir. Alain Viari).
Duration of this position is 18 months (potentially renewable once). The successful applicant is expected to start in September/October 2019.
Please send a cover letter describing your research interests, a detailed CV mentioning skills and achievements and reference letters to:

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