AdvCompBio 2019

The first Advances in Computational Biology conference will bring together researchers working on systems biology, omics technologies, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing with applications to biology. The conference is open to everyone to attend, but all the speakers will be women, providing an excellent opportunity to share ideas and build research networks. You are invited to register to attend and to submit an abstract for consideration for oral or poster presentations, please see more details here: Topics included: 1. Learning from Biological Sequences: population genomics, evolutionary genomics, systems biology, transcriptomics, sequence analysis 2. When Computational Biology meets Medicine: biomedical applications, mutational landscapes, clinical genomics 3. Machines Speeding up Research: high performance computing, machine learning in the life sciences, imaging data analysis, dynamic simulations and algorithm development The keynote speakers of the conference are: Christine Orengo, group leader of Orengo Group at University College London, Natasa Przulj, group leader of the Life Sciences - Integrative Computational Network Biology at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Marie-Christine Sawley, director of the Exascale Lab at Intel. Furthermore the participants will have the opportunity to interact personally in round-table informal meetings with females leaders in the fields of IT, academia research and politics that support the conference. Confirmed discussion leads:
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