Post-doctoral fellow in sequence algorithmics

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Campus de Beaulieu
35000 Rennes

Claire Lemaitre
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A 2-year post-doctoral fellowship is available at the Inria Genscale lab (, in Rennes (France), to work on sequence algorithmics for genome analysis.

The postdoctoral researcher will be in charge of developing novel methods dedicated to linked-read sequencing data for the detection and analysis of genomic structural variations. This will include developing novel indexing data structures, novel algorithms to detect and assemble various types and sizes of Structural Variants. He/she will apply and validate the methods on simulated and real datasets. In particular, he/she will have at disposal real re-sequencing data of butterfly genomes where structural variants are well characterized and of high interest for ecological studies.


Candidates should have a PhD or equivalent in computational biology, and experience with high throughput sequencing data, sequence and graph algorithmics, and software development. Development experience with the C++ language will be appreciated.

Informal enquiries are encouraged. Please contact Dr Claire Lemaitre, claire[dot]lemaitre[at]

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