Single-cell approaches applied to cancer drug resistance

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28 avenue de Valombrose
06100 NICE

Jeremie Roux
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Single-cell approaches applied to cancer drug resistance

The research group of Dr. Jérémie Roux (part of team 4 IRCAN), is focused on identifying the
molecular origins of tumor cells response heterogeneity that give rise to chemotherapeutic resistance.
We are offering two 6-months Master internships to study the dynamic response of tumor cells to
cancer drugs, with the objective of discovering new biomarkers of resistance to cancer therapeutics.
This master project is funded by Université Cote d’Azur - Académie 4 « Complexité et diversité du
vivant, Master en binômes interdisciplinaires ». During this time, two master students will work in
parallel on this project: one student based at IRCAN in Nice (Team 4), and one at INRIA in Sophia
Antipolis (Team ABS).
The Master students will use a novel functional pharmacogenomic approach to measure and analyze
both the cell responses to cancer drugs and their transcriptomic profiles, using live-cell video
microscopy experiments, single-cell RNA sequencing and bioinformatics analyses.

Keywords: pharmacology, cell signaling, cancer, systems biology, bioinformatics

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