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CHU Purpan
31300 Toulouse

Olivier Joffre
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We are looking for a highly motivated researcher who will study the role of transposable elements in immune cell programming and aging. The successful candidate will combine NGS data from RNA-, ChIP- or ATAC-Seq experiments to analyze how these genomic elements are regulated at the level of the chromatin, how they impact on immune cell identity, and how their deregulation contributes to cellular senescence. This project is a follow up from one of our recent studies in which we have critically involved ERV-derived sequences in CD4 T cell commitment ( The funding of this project comes from grants by the French National Agency for Research (ANR 2019 ImmuneTrans) and by the regional project Inspire.

Applicants should have a PhD in Genetics, Genomics or Bioinformatics, with a good experience in the analysis of NGS data. The successful candidate will work in close collaboration with the biologists and bioinformaticians of the consortium, which includes our team in Toulouse ( and the lab of Dr Simona Saccani at the IRCAN institute in Nice ( She/he will perform an integrative analysis of NGS-derived transcriptomic and epigenomic data to identify the transposable elements that control immune cell identity, and whose deregulation is involved in cellular senescence. As a consequence, this position requires a high level of expertise in programming, and experience applying computational methods to genomic data is highly desirable.

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