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Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB) - UMR 1318 - INRA Centre de Versailles-Grignon
Route de St-Cyr (RD10)
78026 Versailles Cedex

Etienne Delannoy
Nicolas Bouché
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The Saclay Plant Sciences network (SPS, gathers around 50 research teams specialized in plant sciences belonging to 5 institutes in the Saclay area (south west of Paris) and represents almost 700 people. The current research activities of the SPS partners concern the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms that control plant physiology and development, as well as their interactions with fluctuating biotic or abiotic environments. These studies extend from the gene to the entire plant, and use the concepts and tools of biochemistry, biophysics, imaging, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, modelling and bioinformatics. Data analysis and research in bioinformatics and bio-statistics is currently carried out by 25 permanent bio-informaticians and statisticians in the 5 institutes.

SPS is recruiting three bioinformaticians (one IR and 2 IE) to build a bioinformatics service that will provide support activities to the SPS research community and take over the increasing requests for the analysis of biological data. The recruited engineers will be allocated for a large part of their time to Research Units to work on specific projects. These projects will be validated by the SPS bioinformatics committee which is composed of bioinformaticians and biologists from SPS. Teaching missions (academic and/or professional education) may also be requested. The IR will also be involved in the management of the bioinformatics service.

Tasks and responsibilities:
The main mission is to provide support to Research Units for the bioinformatics and/or biostatistics analysis of their data. This support will include:
- advising and guiding the implementation of methods and tools for the analysis of biological data,
- maintaining an active bibliographic survey and evaluating published tools and methods,
- developing, when necessary, new analytical methods and tools,
- analyzing data in collaboration with the Units,
- ensuring the transfer of tools and expertise to the Units,
- delivering training courses in bioinformatics and biostatistics,
- maintaining the methods and tools developed by the Units, and ensuring their integration into core software solutions like Snakemake or Nextflow.

Job profiles:
Several needs have been identified and the following profiles are expected:
- Analysis of HTS data (variant calling, genome assembly, differential expression, epigenomics...),
- Analysis of metabolomic data,
- Analysis of proteomic data,
- Analysis of imaging data,
- Data integration

Funds are available for three 3-year positions but the contracts will be for 18 months with an expected 18 months extension.

The three engineers will be recruited by INRAE, newly created from the fusion of INRA and IRSTEA. Depending on the previous experience, the gross salary will range from 2300€ to 2900€ for the IR position (net salary between 1900€ and 2400€) and from 2000€ to 2400€ for the IE positions (net salary between 1600€ and 2000€).

Candidate profiles and conditions:
It is necessary to satisfy one of the two following profiles:
- Bac+5 level (Master, engineer or equivalent) in bioinformatics, statistics, applied mathematics, or a related field. Teaching experience in bioinformatics/biostatistics will be appreciated.
- PhD in bioinformatics, statistics, applied mathematics or a related field. Teaching experience in bioinformatics/biostatistics will be appreciated.
SPS is committed to foster gender equality, so female candidates are encouraged to apply.

To apply:
Applications (cover letter, detailed CV and 2 reference letters) should be sent to and
Deadline for application: Monday, March 23rd midnight
Pre-selection of candidates: Wednesday, March 25th
Interviews for pre-selected candidates: during the week starting on April 20th
Provisional starting date: June 1st

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