Post-doc / IR

Analysis of spatial omics data / Integration of multi-omics data

The positions are in the areas of

(1) Analysis of spatial omics data
(2) Integration of multi-omics data

applied to understanding human disease and therapeutics. Our research spans the areas of systems pharmacology and functional genomics, with a focus on signaling and regulatory networks, and applications to cancer, autoimmune disease, and fibrosis. For more information visit


Job summary

The UK DRI is seeking an outstanding post-doctoral Research Associate interested in taking on a challenging role with considerable scope for independent scientific achievement and personal growth.

Research Fellow in Bioinformatics

Research Fellow position developing reproducible pipelines and software infrastructure to analyse functional genomics data as part of the FAANG project. As part of an EU Horizon 2020 funded project, a post-doc position is available in Mick Watson’s research group for four years, to lead the development of pipelines and software infrastructure for the processing and analysis of functional genomics data.

Post-doctoral position in industry

Your mission
Committed to scientific excellence, Pierre Fabre is proud to sponsor a number of Postdoctoral fellowship positions for accelerating the career path of highly talented and dedicated individuals. Our objective is to find the world’s best talent and matching it with amazing mentors who share a passion for innovation and advancing our understanding of immuno-oncology mechanisms in order to identify tomorrow’s cure.