36 mois/3 ans

Computational pathology

The possibility of combining imaging modalities with gene and protein-level data opens new avenues for the development of novel biomarkers or for the identification of image-based surrogate biomarkers for gene/protein signatures. The current methods in computational pathology are, however, still under-developed for fully exploring this domain. We are looking for a strong postdoctoral candidate with proven research record in biomedical imaging – preferably pathology image analysis – to develop new approaches to computational pathology.

NGS data analysis

We are looking for a bioinformatician with experience in the analysis of various NGS data from pre-processing to statistical analysis and data mining. The position is open within the international collaborative H2020 project Oncobiome, with the main aim to identify multiomics signatures associated with cancer incidence and progression.

Mass spectrometry data analysis

For the analysis of GC/LC-MS targeted and untargeted data, we are looking for an experienced researcher able to take the lead of a small group and establish a research program in close collaboration with the experimental laboratories of RECETOX.
- A Ph.D. in the field of data analysis (bioinformatics, statistics, computational biology and related).
- The candidate must have a strong background in signal processing with a proven track record in the development of methods for mass spectrometry data analysis.

Global regulation of bacterial transcription by chromosome topology

DNA topology (or supercoiling) is a fundamental mechanism of compaction of the bacterial chromosome. The student will analyze and model the mechanisms by which it plays a role as a global and multi-scale transcriptional regulator. In contrast to usual regulation mechanisms based on transcription factors which target specific genes, DNA topology influences gene expression in a global, non-specific manner in a wide range of species.

Development and integration of decision making tools in data analysis procedures for HTS-based plant virus diagnostics.

We are looking for a PhD student with the background in computer and information sciences who would like to join BioSistemika with the aim to participate in a Marie Skłodowska Curie European Innovative Training Network project “INEXTVIR”.