Bioinformatics / Computational Biology / Biostatistics

PostDoc in Bioinformatics / Computational Biology / Biostatistics (m/f)

- Fixed-term contract 2 years (extension possible), 40h/week
- competitive salary
- Ref.: BioinfLux

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Permanent bioinformatics staff position in Uppsala, Sweden

National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) is looking for a new expert to join the organization in Uppsala, Sweden. The position focuses on giving support to Swedish researchers in RNA-seq based expression analyses, but could also include other areas depending on the qualifications of the applicant. We are especially keen to find experts with experience in single-cell transcriptomics, but most of all we want to find the right person for the organization.

bioinformatician – statistical analysis of apple epi/genomics data

Bioinformatician – mathematical and statistical analysis of apple epi/genomics data.

Specialties: High throughput epi/genomic data management and analysis
Contract : 12 months renewable at IE (project engineer) level. Position may be renewed with another contract of 1 year.
Starting date: November, 2nd, 2019.

Work place: Research Institute of Horticulture and Seeds, Centre Angers-Nantes/ INRA-IRHS, UMR 1345 (INRA/Agrocampus-ouest/Université d'Angers), 42 rue Georges Morel – BP 60057, 49071 Beaucouzé cedex – France


Maize is a plant of major agronomic interest and a better understanding of its adaptation to environmental
conditions is of paramount importance in the context of global climate changes and sustainable agriculture.
Our research group generated plant material from two Divergent Selection Experiments (DSEs) for
flowering time that started in 1997 from two maize inbred lines. During 20 years, the earliest and the latest
plants were reproduced by selfing generating derived populations of Early- and Late-flowering genotypes

Bioinformatics research scientist position

Fulgent Genetics, a US clinical sequencing company, is looking for bioinformaticians to work at their Quebec location.

Fulgent genetics is a clinical genetic sequencing company. We focus on providing the accurate diagnosis for our customers. The candidate is expected to design algorithm to detect challenging mutations such as indel, copy number variation (CNV) and chromosome abnormality, build the pipeline, and cooperate with R&D group for product development. The successful candidate should be confident in reading scientific paper, programming and statistical analysis.

Ingénieur Data

Le Groupe DEDALUS est aujourd’hui le leader européen en matière de solutions logicielles de Santé et prévoit d’investir en R&D plus de 80M€ sur les cinq prochaines années. Avec plus de 2000 collaborateurs, majoritairement en Italie et en France, le Groupe DEDALUS est implanté dans 25 pays.