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Margaux Bunel
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<p>Activities and Key Responsibilities Within the biological evaluation laboratories Department: The bioinformatics data manager will have to ensure the operation of a high-throughput platform and to handle the management of the informatics data generated either on this platform or in other biological laboratories. Acquisition and exploitation of this information through the implementation and the optimization of data management tools and associated softwares:</p><p>&bull; Accountable for the flows of information (management of the requests, the samples and the experimental results)</p><p>&bull; Collection, recording and analysis of high-throughput data, integration of heterogeneous biological data.</p><p>&bull; Exploitation and valuation of the information (tools and methods for data analysis and meta-analysis)</p><p>&bull; Constitution and consolidation of databases, optimization of the access to the results.</p><p>&bull; Accountable for the development of agile informatics tools to facilitate the management and the filing of data obtained in the different laboratories.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Requirements</p><p>&bull; Master Degree in Bio-informatics + 3 year experience</p><p>&bull;Technical skills:  Scientific (Excel, Tibco Spotfire, ActivityBase, Pipeline Pilot)  Development framework (APEX, .Net)  Programming languages (HTML, Javascript, VBA/VBS, Java, C#)  Data Bases (Oracle, Sql, Plsql)  Statistics (Xlfit, R)</p><p>&bull; Know-how in the conception and the implementation of data management systems.</p><p>&bull; Constitution and deployment of applicative architectures</p><p>&bull; Robust experience in project management :  Interaction with multidisciplinary teams  Implementation and management of consulting contracts</p><p>&bull; General knowledge of the skin and the hair biology Skills</p><p>&bull; English / B2 / at least TOEIC 605</p><p>&bull; Sense of priorities/time management</p><p>&bull; Communication skills.</p><br/>
Laboratoire: L'Oréal