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<p>Inria, équipe Beagle, Antenne La Doua, Villeurbanne</p>

Eric Tannier
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We announce an open 2 years computer science engineer position to be filled before November 2016 in Lyon, France, funded by Inria.

-Research Group
The Inria Beagle research team is located at the University of Lyon, France, Campus of Villeurbanne La Doua. It is at the interface between biology and computer science. We are modelling evolutionary and cellular mechanisms by mathematical and computational tools to gain knowledge on the functioning and evolution of biological organisms. The project is a strong collaboration with the Biometry and Evolutionary Biology lab, located on the same campus.

The mission will consist in programming and making accessible a series of recent methods for phylogenetic reconstruction of gene histories. Genes, which can be defined as DNA sequences coding for proteins, evolve with the organisms they belong to, but also have their own histories, made of gene birth, loss, duplication, transfer, depicted by phylogenetic trees. The information they contain about the organisms' evolutionary history is only accessible through the reconstruction and interpretation of these individual histories. Constructing gene phylogenetic trees is still a very challenging problem. Recently we have developed algorithms and tools allowing us to take advantage of multiple sources of information (from inside and outside the gene) for the phylogeny construction. The task of the successful candidate will be to program and integrate these methods into non-computer-scientist-friendly interfaces.

- Required training
Engineering degree or equivalent.
- Skills and profile
Outstanding programming skills (C, C++) with an interest in performance/optimization. Experience in software engineering (object oriented programming, version control systems, compilation chain, tests). Competences in user interface design and implementation. Understanding and motivation for parallel programming. Interest in evolutionary biology. Motivation for team work in an interdisciplinary environment. Good level of English.

- Research in Lyon
The group offers a highly stimulating scientific environment, and Lyon is a beautiful, history rich, lively city.

Software development, software quality, user interface, parallel programming, evolutionary biology, genome evolution, phylogeny

- Contact
Eric Tannier,