Studying the impact on vision of silencing cells in the retina

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<p>INRIA, BIOVISION team 2004 Route des Lucioles 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex 2</p>

Cessac Bruno
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We are seeking an undergraduate student interested in doing a Master thesis, possibly followed by a funded Ph.D. in our group Biovision at INRIA Sophia Antipolis lead by Dr. Bruno Cessac.
The detailed proposition can be found here

In collaboration with experimentalists our group studies how the visual system encodes information about external word. We propose biophysical models, we develop methods coming from theoretical physics and mathematics  to analyse them, and  we design software inspired from the visual system to mimic its behaviour and to analyse experimental data.

Successful applicants should have a strong background in computer science. Physics, mathematics or life science majors with strong skills in computer science (especially C/C++), interested in quantitative modeling work are also encouraged to apply, particularly if they would like to combine experiments and theory in their Master or Ph.D. thesis work. In order to make teamwork in our group enjoyable and fun, the ideal candidate should have a strong work ethic and have demonstrated consistent self-motivation skills. Unfortunately our source of fundings only covers members of the European Community. 
Prospective students should apply by sending an email to which includes
* a letter of motivation,
* CV,
* and a copy of the current academic transcripts

to be sent to

Looking forward to your applications!

Bruno Cessac