Team leaders in Computational Genomics/Systems Biology

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<p>Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon</p>

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The Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon (IGFL) is a joint research unit
run by ENS de Lyon, CNRS, INRA and Université Lyon 1. In line with its
scientific expansion, the Institute is relocating, in summer 2012, to occupy a
newly commissioned 3200 sq. m. building, within a multidisciplinary campus.
The new location will host approximately 200 scientists and staff, including 14
experimental teams (wet labs), 5 having been recently recruited through a
recurring international call for team leaders (see

The IGFL is seeking to recruit outstanding candidates to establish computational
biology / systems biology teams whose independent research axes are in line
with the IGFL’s overarching objectives.

Candidates will demonstrate a proven track record in their field, and their ability
to integrate within the Institute environment. They are expected to develop an
innovative research project in an area such as evolutionary genomics, modeling
of developmental or physiological pathways, or functional genome analysis. 35
sq. m. in silico office space will be provided (up to 8 persons per team).
Applications (in English) should include a curriculum vitae, a short description
of achievements and records of self-financing, a proposed research program of
10 pages maximum and contact details for 3 professional references. Please send
the application as a single PDF named LASTNAME_IGFL.pdf to Enquiries should also be directed to this address. An
external panel of experts will review applications. The call will remain open
until the two positions are filled.

The call will remain open until the two positions are filled, however,
applications received before the 14th of July 2012 will be given priority in
the selection process.