[Postdoc/Engineer] Bioinformatician / Biostatistician - 18 month - Nancy

 CDD · Postdoc  · 18 mois (renouvelable)    Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   NGERE - Inserm U1256 - Nutrition, Génétique et Exposition aux Risques Environnementaux · Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (France)

 Date de prise de poste : 1 septembre 2021


Epigenetics Methylome Metabolism Transcriptomics Proteomics Systems biology Data integration


The NGERE lab (Nutrition, Genetics and Exposure to Environmental Risks - INSERM Unit 1256 - http://arrimage.univ-lorraine.fr/inserm-u1256-lab/) is seeking a talented postdoc/engineer specialized in the analysis of omics data (transcriptome, methylome, metabolome, microbiome). The successfull candidate will join the bioinformatics team and participate to projects focusing on the lab main subjects: one-carbon metabolism, epigenetics and nutrigenomics. Some of these projects are of national extent (NutttMed, EDEN cohort, ANR grants), others have an international lead (DIFAMEM on nutritional allergies, with Spain/Germany ; DrNanoDall in nanomedicine, CONACYT grants, with Mexico). Apart from other bioinformaticians, the postdoc/engineer will interact closely with biologists, medical doctors and students. He will work on exciting and intellectually challenging projects, and evolve in a fair, dynamic and rewarding environment.

Required skills:

  • Experience in NGS data analysis (transcriptome-seq, RRBS...) and microarrays (methylome EPIC/450k, GWAS, ...)
  • Good knowledge in genome-scale data representation in systems biology - Experience in data management
  • Linux/Unix environments, shells, scripting and regular expressions
  • Programming languages, with common practice in a least one of the following: R, Java, Python, Ruby, C/C++
  • Scientific rigour, integrity, clear communication
  • Curiosity, autonomy, initiative

Appreciated skills:

  • Knowledge in biology, metabolism, genetics, precision medicine
  • Knowledge in biostatistics and unsupervised analyses
  • A first experience with in multi-omics and/or data integration
  • Practice in cluster environment
  • Good command of English


Procédure : Please send a cover letter and your resume with the names of two referees to: Sébastien Hergalant - sebastien.hergalant@inserm.fr

Date limite : 31 octobre 2021


Sébastien Hergalant


Offre publiée le 14 juillet 2021, affichage jusqu'au 31 octobre 2021