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 CDD · Postdoc  · 24 mois    Bac+8 / Doctorat, Grandes Écoles   Plateforme d’Exploration du Métabolisme (PFEM) de l’INRAE de Clermont-Fd/Theix · Saint Genès Champanelle (France)  2400

 Date de prise de poste : 1 mars 2022


Metabolomic multi-platform untargeted methods cohort studies metabolic pathways


About MetaboHUB

MetaboHUB (MTH) is the national French metabolomics and fluxomics infrastructure. Launched in 2013, MTH is a leading international infrastructure serving more than 700 scientists worldwide. MetaboHUB gathers 5 regional facilities including more than 80 permanent staffs, 15 NMRs, 43 MS, robotic and computational platforms. MTH aims at pushing forward the field to develop metabolomics and fluxomics from single cell to population. Your contribution will serve a broad range of researchers in the fields of biotechnologies, Human health and nutrition and plant science. Joining MTH, you will be involved in cutting edge research within a highly skilled and motivated consortium.

The mission

In the framework of the Workpackage 1, Task 0, of MetaboHUB2.0 (Defining targets for large scale metabolomics implementation),
the aim is to define target metabolites of central interest for developing and implementing multi-platform untargeted methods dedicated to large human cohort studies. This list will thus be tailored to fit with MTH interests in terms of biological outcomes, biological matrices being studied and coverage of metabolic pathways. This list of targeted compounds to be covered will be part of the untargeted metabolomics  service proposed by WP1 for large cohort studies.


The PFEM (metabolism exploration platform) is a metabolomic platform, recognized as a national and international leader in metabolomics applied to nutrition and health. PFEM principal research interest concerns the development of MS-based analytical methods and bioinformatics tools for a better characterization of metabolic deviations associated with development of chronic metabolic diseases and the study of nutrition and health relationships:
- metabolic profiling using multiplatform approaches in biofluids and tissues.
- development of analytical strategies for biomarker identification using ultra high-resolution MS and bioinformatics tools.
- development of models and tools to increase knowledge extraction from high
throughput data.

Key Responsibilities

The person recruited will be responsible:
- to analyze and establish a comprehensive catalog of risk factor–metabolite–disease based on the investigation of results
from large-scale human cohort studies available in literature and databases.
- to examine reference “metabolomes” and extensive characterization and reporting of metabolite identifications and concentrations in different biological matrices.
- to integrate results from these two tasks and propose a data enrichment process for interpretation of large-scale metabolomics in human cohorts.

• PhD with experience in metabolomics
• Skills and motivation for data management and treatment
• Knowledge in life science and metabolism
• Knowledge in biomolecule analyses would be an advantage


English mandatory
Good communication and writing skills
Autonomy, organisation
Motivation to work within a multidisciplinary environment (chemists, statisticians, bioinformaticians, biologists)


CDD IR / post-doctoral fellow
24 months contract, full-time position
Salary range (gross salary): 2400 euros/month
Place of work: Clermont-Ferrand
Starting from: March 1st 2022


Procédure : The application should contain the following attachments: • a motivation letter • a full CV (max. two pages) including contact details of two references, • Copies of relevant diplomas or university certificates • Short statement from a former supervisor • Contact information for at least two relevant references

Date limite : 31 janvier 2022


Dr Estelle Pujos-Guillot, Dr Blandine Comte

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