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soil’s biological functions global rating agency


Genesis is the first global rating agency for cultivated soils, a trusted independent third-party, working with stakeholders involved in the Agri-Industry, from farmer to consumer. Genesis develops a fact-based and opposable rating to measure soil health based on three indices: biodiversity, carbon and pollution.


Soil is the most complex and fundamental ecosystem of Earth, supporting a myriad of functions including water control, nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, habitat for soil fauna, and food production: 95% of human consumption comes from the soil. Soil health is defined by the capacity of soil to support these fundamental functions and to resist or recover from external stress. Soil biodiversity plays a key role in soil health because organisms are at the heart of the processes governing soil functioning, i.e, organic matter dynamics, element cycling, and soil structuration. Therefore, identifying key indicators that measure the effect of agricultural practices on the soil’s biological functions is critical. Moreover, biological indicators are essential for early diagnosis of the effect of agricultural management as they are very sensitive to changes in their environment.

Genesis has developed a biodiversity index based on the assessment of the taxonomic and functional diversity of soil organisms using molecular biology analyses. With the development of new technologies and the democratisation of DNA analysis, it becomes easier to qualify the soil organisms, their structure and their functions within the soil ecosystem. Genesis position is to remain at the forefront and always be in constant improvement. 


In collaboration with soil scientists and data scientists, this project will include: 

  • Support the development of a new set of soil health biological indicators via the implementation of bioinformatics pipelines, the definition of threshold values (healthy vs pathological soil), the assessment of indicator sensitivity, and measurement uncertainty. 
  • Based on this, inform the choice of the best indicators to include in the Genesis score in relationship with the other indices (Carbon, Pollution).
  • Optimise the reliability of selected indicators by improving our knowledge of their behaviour in various contexts and by developing robust benchmarks. Particular attention will be paid to the identification of contextualization parameters. The implementation of in-situ and laboratory experiments in various natural and/or controlled conditions will increase the diversity of the studied contexts (including extreme environments) and should improve the identification of the threshold values of the indicator (healthy vs pathological soil).
  • Stay at the forefront of innovation on the link between soil biology and soil health with a technic and scientific watch to integrate new biological indicators based on international research advances and Genesis discoveries.

Location: The candidate will be working partly at the Genesis office (Paris), and partly remotely.

Starting date: as soon as possible

Selection criteria: PhD or MSc.


The successful applicant shall have the following expertise and qualities: 

  • PhDs or MSc in bioinformatics, molecular biology or a related discipline together with strong experience in metagenome sequence analysis 
  • good programming expertise in Python (the project will be developed in Python), and knowledge in metagenomic analyzer software
  • a strong background in statistical analysis 
  • excellent data management skills; excellent skills in writing and communication in English (the notion of French are welcome but not necessary)
  • We seek an enthusiastic and autonomous candidate enjoying working in interdisciplinary teams


Procédure : A letter of motivation describing previous experience and motivation concerning the project + a curriculum vitae + a list of publications (if applicable). The call for application is open until the position is filled. Contact: For further details please contact Dr. Aurélie Bacq-Labreuil (aurelie.bacqlabreuil@genesis.live), Dr. Christophe Calvaruso (christophe.calvaruso@genesis.live)

Date limite : None


Aurélie Bacq-Labreuil


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