MCEB - Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology

MCEB - Mathematical and Computational Evolutionary Biology – 2019, May 26-30

Porquerolles Island, South of France


  • Pre-registration and abstract submission deadline: 2019, February 10
  • Notification to applicants: 2019, March 10
  • Final list of attendees: 2019, April 14


Scope: Mathematical and computational tools and concepts form  an essential basis for modern evolutionary studies. The goal of the MCEB conference (at its 11th edition) is to bring together scientists with diverse backgrounds to present recent advances and discuss open problems in the field of mathematical and computational evolutionary biology.

The theme of this year's edition will be "Towards better trade-offs  between speed and accuracy for the analysis of very large data sets  in evolutionary biology". We will discuss the current solutions and  stimulate a larger debate on the most appropriate ways to make sense  of the wealth of genomic data currently available. General concepts,  models, methods and algorithms will also be presented and discussed,  just as during the previous conference editions.


Where and when: Porquerolles Island, near Hyères, in the South of France,

May 26-30, 2019. The conference will begin Sunday evening with an aperitif  and dinner, and will end at about 2pm on Thursday.

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Porquerolles Island

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