Ingenieur or Post-doc for DNAseq/Nanopore development

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26, rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

Allison Bardin
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Maintaining genome integrity of adult stem cells is important to prevent cancer initiation and stem cell functional decline during aging. We have found that a surprising level of genome instability arises during aging in adult intestinal stem cells of Drosophila (Siudeja, Cell Stem Cell, 2015). This model provides an excellent system in which to address important fundamental questions of how stem cell genomes are maintained. The bioinformatic project will further investigate sequencing data to understand stem cell genome instability using Drosophila genetics and whole-genome sequencing approaches.

We are seeking enthusiastic, collaborative, and highly motivated candidates to join us in our genomic analyses. In particular the recruited person will develop new Nanopore-based pipelines and analyses methodologies. In addition, the bioinformatician will analyse genomic variants (structural variants, single nucleotide variants, de novo transposon insertions) and DamID data from Illumina sequencing using pipelines we have already developed in the lab (

Candidates with Master’s or PhD degrees may apply. Experience in NGS sequencing analysis is required. General knowledge of biology and expertise in R, Python, Galaxy, and git would be appreciated.

Our team is situated within a new, dynamic, international department with state-of-the-art imaging, sequencing, and proteomics facilities at the Institut Curie in the heart of downtown Paris. To apply, please send your CV, cover letter, and names of two references to