Postdoctoral position in Mathematical modeling in Network Biology

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Campus de Luminy, 163 avenue de Luminy,
13288 Marseille 09

Elisabeth REMY
Estelle DUPREZ
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This position is in the context of a funded Amidex project.
It is known that the immune system is altered with aging. This project aims to characterize molecular
pathways deregulated in hematopoietic aging and related diseases. We propose to use a system
biology approach to decipher and understand the different mecanisms of regulation, focusing on the
hematopoietic stem cell/stromal cell cross-talk that are known to evolve during aging and favor agerelated
hematopoietic disorders.
The applicant will be in charge of the extension and analysis of an existing logical regulatory model.
Discrete modelling approaches, as multi-agent models for instance, can be used to enlarge this intracellular
model and integrate interacting environments or different subpopulations. The generated data,
together with an extensive literature study, will be the base to construct the model and address its
complexity by discrete mathematical approaches.
The successful applicant will work in the Mathematics and Algorithms for Systems Biology (Mabios, group in the Marseille Institute of Mathematics (I2M, Aix-
Marseille University) an interdisciplinary team of mathematicians and computational biologists, in
close collaboration with the E. Duprez team (,
specialised in Epigenetic Factors in Normal and Malignant Hematopoiesis in the Centre de
Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille (CRCM).
Expected profile
The applicant should have a formation (PhD) in either Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or
Computational Biology. He/she should have a strong interest in biology and interdisciplinary
approaches to decipher biological processes, a prior knowledge in molecular biology being an
advantage. Candidates with biological background are also welcome, but need to have a convincing
interest in modelling approaches
Fully-funded position for 22 months in Marseille. The starting date is expected in may 2019.
Application can be sent directly to “” and “”.
Please make sure your application includes a letter of motivation, a list of publications, a detailed CV
and the contact information of 2 references (including email addresses and phone numbers).
Keywords: Discrete mathematical modeling, Single cell, Data Analysis, Systems Biology