Computational Scientist (m/f/d) - Monheim (Germany)

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Alfred-Nobel-Straße 50
40789 Monheim am Rhein

Erick Antezana
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* Scientific master degree in bioinformatics or similar
* Experience in building and maintaining (bio-)ontologies as well as in automatizing ontology maintenance tasks (e.g. using scripts)
* Experience/exposure with master data management (data stewardship and governance) and with biological data integration as well as algorithms design and implementation
* Experience in semantic web technologies and standards, e.g. with OBO, RDF, OWL, SHACL, SPARQL, SKOS
* Familiar with graph-based systems (e.g. triple stores)
* Good understanding of ontology reasoning services and ontology editing tools as well as of public resources as gene ontology, plant ontology, traits ontology
* High ability to solve problems and to structure and simplify complex tasks and ability to contribute in an international and dynamic research and development team
* Fluent in English, both written and spoken

(starting date: negotiable)

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