Computational biologist in charge of PacBio sequencing data

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26 rue d'Ulm
75248 PARIS 05

Arturo Londono
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The Institut Curie is a major player in the research and fight against cancer. It consists of a hospital and a Research Center of more than 1000 employees with a strong international representativeness. The objective of the Curie Institute Research Center is to develop basic research and to use the knowledge produced to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics of cancers as part of the continuum between basic research and innovation serving the patient.

Main missions of the position :

In charge of computational analysis of PacBio sequencing data (high throughput long reads) and integration with other NGS data in the context of perturbed RTEL1 activities :

- Study the role of RTEL1 in splicing and RNA trafficking in human cells

- Adaptation and development of dedicated computational methods and pipelines to analyse large NGS datasets obtained from cells bearing RTEL1 pathological variants. The datasets is already available and includes:

    + PacBio sequencing data (long reads)

    + Compartmentalized total RNA sequencing data

- Integration of PacBio data with total RNAseq data from the same samples

- Working collectively in close collaboration with other computational biologists and wet-lab scientists


Candidate profil :

- Dedicated, pro-active and with a personal fit into the team

- Autonomous and rigorous with a critical mind

- Programming skills (R, Python, Unix) are essential

- Prior experience in genomics data analysis is a must

- Prior experience in NGS data analysis is a strong plus

- Excellent communication skills that allow productive interactions with biologists (e.g. discussing models/analyses choices with other team members)

- Ability to communicate in both spoken and written English


Institut Curie is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to the highest standards of research integrity.

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