Computational Biologists/biostatistician in Systems Medicine at Institut Pasteur

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25-28 rue du Dr. Roux
75015 Paris

Benno Schwikowski
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The Systems Biology group at Institut Pasteur in Paris is looking for recent PhD graduates who help us develop and apply computational models for the understanding and treatment of complex disease on the basis of large molecular datasets.

The highly international and interdisciplinary environment of the Systems Biology Lab and Institut Pasteur is conducive for developing a large spectrum of skills at the interface between data-driven computational biology and biomedical applications.

We currently have openings in the areas of autoimmune disease (link) and cancer (link).

Our projects involve

  • understanding the biological and clinical datasets and underlying questions,
  • defining the most appropriate statistical data analysis approaches,
  • carrying out statistical analyses of high-throughput data (drug effects, network modeling, etc.),
  • communicating the results in meetings, scientific seminars, conferences and articles.

The development of innovative data analysis methodology is encouraged.

Our projects require

  • A recent PhD in a quantitative science,
  • basic knowledge of molecular biology
  • training in multidimensional data analysis (e.g., exploratory data analysis, machine learning),
  • experience in scientific programming,
  • first-author publications in international peer-reviewed journals,
  • excellent communication skills, team spirit, and the capacity to work autonomously and deliver results on time.


Benno Schwikowski (
Head, Systems Biology Group at Institut Pasteur
Tel. +33 1 4568 8620

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