SMPGD'20 - Statistical Methods for Post Genomic data

The 2020 edition of the Statistical Methods for Post Genomic data (SMPGD) workshop will take place at Institut Pasteur in Paris on 23-24 January. The workshop aim is to present works from mathematical to applied statistics, but also new areas in high throughput biology that could need new statistical developments.


The 2020 edition is organized by the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Hub (Institut Pasteur) and the main topics are: Evolution of inter-species interactions, Machine learning algorithms for computational biology, and Evolution and epidemiology.


The workshop will feature 4 keynote speakers:


 * Simona Cocco (Ecole des Neurosciences Paris Ile de France, Paris, )

 * Julia Gog (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK )

 * Louis Lambrechts (Institut Pasteur, Paris )

* Laurent Jacob (CNRS, LBBE, Université Lyon 1, Lyon )


Attendance is free, but registration is mandatory on the conference website. Registration deadline is January 7, 2020.


Submissions for posters and short talks are open and will close on November 15, 2019 at 23:59 pm. Abstracts selected for a short talk will be announced on December 15, 2019.


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