Post-doctoral researcher in bioinformatics: prediction of protein-RNA interactions

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CEA Saclay
91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex

Jessica Andreani
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General information

Type of contract: CDD chercheur (CNRS)
Expected starting date: spring 2020
Contract duration: 12 months (renewable up to 24 months total)
Salary: approximately 2700 to 3800 € gross monthly salary (depending on previous experience)


Protein-RNA interactions are central to many cellular functions and involved in various diseases. The general goal of the project is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying these interactions. Recent advances in high-throughput experiments have provided massive amounts of data, greatly expanding the repertoire of protein-RNA interactions. However, a large gap still exists between this deluge of large-scale information and the scarcity of higher-resolution biophysical and structural data.

The project aims to develop an integrative computational biology approach to couple massive data generated by recent “omics” experiments (genomics, interactions) to detailed structural, biophysical and biochemical data. Collection and analysis of available data will provide key insights to develop prediction methods relying on statistical and machine learning approaches. The resulting models will be integrated at the scale of macromolecular interaction networks. The project results will be made available to the scientific community in the form of software, databases and/or web servers.

The post-doctoral research will take place in the “Molecular assemblies and genome integrity” team of I2BC (Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell, UMR 9198).


Depending on their profile and experience, the selected candidate will undertake some or all of the following tasks (necessary for the different project phases):
- Data collection and construction of databases integrating heterogeneous data
- Analysis of structural, genomics and interactomics data
- Statistical modeling and machine learning to extract features or rules describing protein-RNA interactions
- Multi-scale structural modeling
- Analysis of interaction networks
- Development of methods, software, databases and web servers

In addition, the selected candidate will be expected to contribute to the project and team life by designing research strategies, updating relevant knowledge, writing papers and communicating project results (possibly at relevant conferences) and possibly supervising masters and PhD students.


Candidates should be highly motivated by interdisciplinary research and the use of computational or mathematical tools to answer questions of biological interest. The selected post-doctoral researcher should have a doctorate (PhD) in bioinformatics, statistics or another field providing relevant skills for the project. Previous experience in data analysis and methods development is required, as well as the knowledge of relevant programming languages (ideally Python, C or C++, R or another statistical analysis language). Experience in manipulating RNA molecular and/or structural data is highly desirable. Experience in statistical modeling and biological network analysis or visualization would be a plus. The selected candidate should also be able to carry out research independently, to work collaboratively and should be fluent in written and oral scientific English. Knowledge of French is not necessary for the project.

Work Context

The post-doctoral research will take place in the “Molecular assemblies and genome integrity” team of I2BC (Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell, UMR 9198 CEA/CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay).

I2BC is a research institute of Université Paris-Saclay that gathers 70 research teams. Research at I2BC covers a wide range of integrative biology projects in biophysics, biochemistry, structural biology, genome biology, cell biology, microbiology, virology and bioinformatics. The “Molecular assemblies and genome integrity” team belongs to the Biophysics, Biochemistry and Structural Biology department and relies on a strong coupling between computational and experimental approaches to characterize, predict and inhibit macromolecular interactions. The team is localized south of Paris (so far on the CEA Saclay campus and soon on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus, less than one hour from the center of Paris).
In recent years, the team developed original approaches for the structural prediction of protein interactions using evolutionary information (Andreani et al. Bioinformatics 2013; Yu et al. Nucleic Acids Res 2016, Proteins 2017; Quignot, Rey et al. Nucleic Acids Res 2018). The team thus has a strong expertise in structural bioinformatics, macromolecular interaction prediction and heterogeneous data integration. In addition, the team recently published a study of transcription termination mechanisms by analyzing functional genomics and transcriptomics data (Baejen, Andreani et al. Mol Cell 2017).

The post-doc contract will be financed as part of an ANR-funded project that aims to analyze and predict protein-RNA interaction networks by coupling structural, evolutionary and “omics” data. The post-doctoral researcher will benefit from a stimulating interdisciplinary work environment, the team expertise and access to computing resources required to carry out the project.

The position will be funded for 12 months (renewable up to 24 months in total) and should start in spring 2020 (with some flexibility on the exact date).

Additional Information

Please submit applications through the Portail Emploi CNRS.

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