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8 rue des Pirogues de Bercy
75012 Paris

Timothy Swartz
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About the company
Integrative Phenomics is a medical and nutritional start-up focused on the optimization of weight loss and human health by offering Artificial Intelligence-based solutions using real-world individual biological, medical, and lifestyle data.

Position description
As part of Integrative Phenomics, the IT systems engineer will support the group’s R&D initiatives by establishing internal company IT and computational biology infrastructure as well as aiding in the development of user applications.

Key responsibilities

  • Administer local and cloud-based CPU and GPU servers (account creation, IT attack monitoring, space quota management, data security, creation of calculation pipelines, optimization of calculation jobs)
  • Install and update computing and storage servers in the context of the overall architecture
  • Interact with local IT personnel and cloud-based personnel (eg. Google, AWS, Azure, IBM) on server and computational logistics, security, and data backup
  • Ensure the optimal configuration of different networks
  • Ensure the implementation of software solutions such as map-reduce (hadoop), task planners (torque, etc.), load distributors, centralized authentication, etc
  • Install and maintain centralized services (rstudio, jupyter, gitlab, etc.) for the proper functioning of the production and maintenance of user code
  • Create specifications for scientific calculation projects and propose suitable solutions
  • Carry out integrated hardware and software architectures, enabling high performance scientific computing
  • Ensure good physical management of DBMS and databases as well as the production of APIs and web services
  • Participate in discussions on local and cloud-based solutions when necessary
  • Create and maintain detailed documentation of all stages of the implementation of solutions

Essential Qualifications

  • MS or PhD in computer science, IT, telecommunications, bioinformatics, computational biology or related field
  • Demonstrated experience working on IT infrastructure, specifically computational and storage infrastructure supporting computational, analytical, and bioinformatic pipelines as listed above
  • Proficiency in coding and analytical languages (R, Python, etc) with the capacity to improve analytical pipelines
  • Familiarity with multi-variate datasets and omics data, notably metagenomics

Key competences

  • Ability to effectively communicate in English (French is a plus)
  • Ability to work and interact with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • A proactive mindset and the willingness to learn new topics as needed
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