NETDIV: NETwork modelling for the bioDIVersity of species communities

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34200 Sète

Dr Bastien Mérigot
Pr Pascal Poncelet
Dr Dino Ienco
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Assessing and understanding patterns among species communities for their management and conservation is a crucial issue worldwide given the increasing human pressure and global environmental changes. Yet, further improvements are still needed to provide efficient methodological frameworks to assess the complexity of communities (compositional, taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity), and to identify underlying species assembly processes and anthropogenic conditions at different spatio-temporal scales. Network-based modeling, relying on graph theory and social network methods, are on the rise across many scientific disciplines, i.e. physics, genetics, health and ecology. They are suited to handle different information sources to characterize and reveal complex patterns within big data sets. In this context, the aim of this project is i) to provide a methodological framework based on network modeling ii) to assess fish community within the EU MEDITS program, funded by the European Commission with the Data Collection Framework, which monitor marine resources of ecosystems exploited by fishing at large spatio-temporal scales overall the northern Mediterranean sea to enhance their management and conservation.

Please see more details in the .pdf of the proposal

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