Data neuroscientist – neuroscience data processing

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163 avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille

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CENTURI is seeking a highly motivated research engineer to fill the post of data scientist dedicated to
neuroscience datasets, within CENTURI’s technology transfer platform. This position will be a central point of
data analysis, data sharing and code sharing for our research community.

Job duties include, but are not restricted to:
- Provide advice and support to researchers with signal processing and data mining (large data analysis
and integration, unsupervised/supervised learning, dimension reduction, statistics, deep learning
techniques, etc.)
- Assist in transfer of knowledge between the teams of the CENTURI project
- Have a theoretical understanding of the algorithms used for data analysis; perform independent
literature search to keep abreast of appropriate methods and technologies.
- Organize and conduct courses on data analysis for the CENTURI community: PhD students, postdocs,
- Participate in the setup of an infrastructure for data sharing within the CENTURI project
- Participate in the development and maintenance the infrastructure of software sharing and code
transfer within the CENTURI project

Image data processing will be at the core of the project. The successful candidate will be part of the data lab
team of the CENTURI engineering platform. Your expertise will help shape the data sharing and analysis
platform and you will be able to learn from, as well as share your knowledge within the CENTURI community.

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