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UMRS 938 - Hôpital Saint-Antoine 34, Rue Crozatier
75012 Paris

Vincent Jonchere
Alex Duval
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Sorbonne University – SIRIC CURAMUS- Paris, France

Presentation of the Research team and Scientific/clinical environment:
The ‘Microsatellite Instability and Cancer’ research team has been created on January 1st, 2006. It is located in the center of Paris, in the Saint-Antoine Research Centre (Saint-Antoine Hospital). The topics for this research lab are focused on the study of mismatch repair (MMR)-deficient human tumors displaying microsatellite instability (MSI). Since funded, this lab has established an extensive clinical and research network, leading to the development of an ambitious research program focused on cancer genetics. It published widely on MSI tumors in high-ranked basic and clinical journals. In 2018, the SIRIC CURAMUS led by the AP-HP-Pitié-Salpétrière and HUEP (Saint-Antoine, Tenon, Trousseau) has been founded in the East of Paris. The investigation of MSI tumors has been integrated as one of the three major research programs of CURAMUS because MSI cancers cover a broad range of frequent hereditary or sporadic tumors sharing common biological mechanisms and requiring increasing needs for personalized medicine.

Job description:
In order to investigate the biology and clinical output of these cancers, large human genomic datasets are produced in the CURAMUS project and require skilled staff for analysis. The successful candidate will be in charge:
- Analyze public oncogenic NGS datasets (such as TCGA or EGI),
- Analyze a large sets of NGS data (RNA-Seq, Exome-Seq, Microarrays, methylome,... ) generated by the research teams,
- Develop dedicated bioinformatics tools /pipelines for specific biological / clinical questions
- Structure and organize results
- Write reports
The position is with the SIRIC bio-computing team, comprising post-docs and bioinformaticians:

Master in bioinformatics; other masters (biostatistics, biology) with successful experience in bioinformatics
Expertise in manipulation, analysis, and visualization of NGS data or other large scale biologic data
Strong programming skills in at least one programming language (R, python, perl, bash scripting)

Desirable Knowledge, skills and abilities:
Knowledge in approaches for high-throughput data analysis and/or statistical modeling
Experience working in HPC environments
Ability to communicate in an interdisciplinary research group
Knowledge and/or interest in Cancer biology
Ability to work independently and well-organized

Salary based on past experience of the candidate and Sorbonne University practices.
Please send CV and two references to: Vincent Jonchere (e-mail : and Alex Duval (

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