Concours CNRS : Ingénieur(e) biologiste en traitement de données (A2A41)

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place georges teissier
29680 Roscoff

Fabrice Not
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The engineer will be in charge of the management and analysis of evolutionary and environmental genomics data generated by three research teams working on marine biology and ecology, at the scales of the species and their populations (meta(barcodes), meta(genomes), (meta)transcriptomes). He/she must have a good knowledge of programming and statistic languages associated with bio-management of large datasets. The mission of the candidate will be to carry out comparative genomic/transcriptomic and/or population genomic studies to analyze the mechanisms of molecular evolution between and within species. He/she will also participate in projects to analyze the genetic and functional diversity of marine organisms in relation to environmental parameters using data from polymorphisms, metabarcodes, and genomes and/or transcriptomes. Greeted in the ABiMS bioinformatics platform, the engineer will work on the projects of unit UMR7144 in interaction with the research teams according to the following functional distribution: 40% DyDIV team (dynamics of marine diversity), 40% ECOMAP team (ecology of marine plankton), 10% EDYCO team (eco-geochemistry and dynamics of coastal environments) and 10% on shared tasks within the ABiMS platform (FR2424). The candidate will interact with biologists and bioinformaticians in a multidisciplinary environment where sociability and organizational skills will be essential assets for the success of the projects. Applications at Job ref. N°63
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