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Christophe Antoniewski
Arnaud Petit
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### Bioinformatics of Genomic Variants in Children and Young Adults with Acute Myeloid Leukemia

A 3-year position of genomic data analyst is available to work within the "COllaborative NEtwork on research for Children and
Teenagers with Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia" CONECT-AML framework.

The project is funded by the Institut National de Recherche sur le Cancer (INCA) and the Fight Kids Cancer programme.
It involves 10 participant teams across France, with clinical or fundamental approaches.

The candidate will work in ARTbio that is a participant team of CONECT-AML. ARTbio is the bioinformatic facility of the
Institut de Biology Paris Seine located on the campus Jussieu of the Sorbonne-Université.

The work package includes (i) better characterization of genetic abnormalities associated with AML in children and adolescents;
(ii) Search for new predispositions; (iii) Study of myeloid leukemogenesis in three contexts of known predisposition -- congenital neutropenia, GATA2 mutation and Fanconi anemia.

Good knowledge and experience in NGS analysis (WES, WGS, RNAseq) as well as a solid background in statistics are mandatory.

Experience in analysis of genomic variants or genetics of human diseases, or in the use of the Galaxy framework will be appreciated

Contact: for ARTbio, for CONECT-AML

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